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Software Requirements Specification

Posted in reports by Daniel Needham on 14 July, 2008
Software Requirements Specification

Software Requirements Specification

The Software Requirements Specification document is now available to download from the Names website documents page. The document catalogues and describes each of the recognized functional and non-functional requirements that will be placed on both the Names prototype software and a future operational name authority service. It also provides several software use case scenarios from which many of the requirements have been derived.

Throughout the process of developing this document we’ve taken into account individual requirements and feedback from a number of sources and the result is a comprehensive analysis of the conditions required to create the most flexible solution possible, and also constraints within which it must work.

Due to the investigative nature of the project and the iterative approach to development these requirements may alter as we make further progress, however the fundamental underlying functionality of the software described here should remain unchanged. Please do comment on the requirements if you would like to feed into the development of the Names prototype.

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