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Subject and Insitutional Repositories Interactions Study

Posted in reports by Amanda Hill on 8 December, 2008
SIRIS report cover page

SIRIS report

The report of this study was published at the end of November. The report describes the remit of the study as being

to produce a set of practical recommendations for steps that can be taken to improve the interactions between institutional and subject repositories in the UK.

At the Names Project we’re naturally very pleased to see that the first recommendation of this report is

that continued support be given to implementation of national standards for unambiguous identification of authors, funders and higher education institutions.

The report makes reference to the Names Project in this context (p.26), and also to the Research Information Network’s “funder affiliation recommendations”. I have to admit to ignorance about the latter (and the report doesn’t give a specific reference). I’ll investigate further…

UPDATE: The RIN publication referred to in the report is ‘Acknowledgement of Funders in Scholarly Journal Articles: Guidance for UK Research Funders, Authors and Publishers’. Thanks to Owen Stephens for helping me out with that.