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Data submission specification

Posted in data by Amanda Hill on 15 August, 2011

We’re getting a good response from repositories and institutions who would like to provide information about their researchers to improve the data in the Names system (see previous post for details). As a consequence, a data submission specification has been drawn up by Dan Needham. This lists the mandatory and optional fields that Names needs in order to create or match records for institutional staff. It also explains the best way to format your records.

The table below shows the information we’d like to receive from institutions:

Field Description Requirement
Primary author family names Mandatory
Primary author given names Mandatory
Primary author title Name prefix / salutation e.g. Mrs, Dr, Sir … Optional
Primary author date of birth YYYY-MM-DD Optional
Primary author date of death YYYY-MM-DD Optional
Primary author fields of interest Semi-colon delimited list of strings describing fields of interest associated with the individual. Preferably values taken from a controlled of terms, although this is not required. Optional
Primary author home page URL of web page that contains information that helps identify the individual e.g. personal homepage, institutional page, linkedin page Optional
Primary author internal identifier Your internally used identifier. Optional
Primary author external identifiers A list of identifiers from other providers assigned to an individual. The list should be semi-colon delimited and contain alternating values for the identifier provider and the identifier itself, i.e. <source>;<identifier>;<source>;<identifier> Optional
Result publication title Please generate a complete new row for each publication given for each author. Mandatory
Journal title Optional
Volume Optional
Issue Optional
Start page Optional
End page Optional
Year of publication YYYY Optional
Subject area Classified subject area, may be different from author’s field of activity. Optional
ISSN Optional
DOI Optional
Co-authors Semi-colon delimited list of co-author names. May include the primary author name if necessary. Preferably in the format <family name(s)> , <given names(s)> however if necessary another format is acceptable as long as there is consistency. Mandatory


There’s also an example record in the required format to illustrate this.


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