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Posted in data, EPrints, identifiers by Amanda Hill on 30 June, 2011

The Names Project has recently started a new project-within-a-project to build some Names functionality into the EPrints repository software. The survey of UK repository managers undertaken by the project in 2010* showed that a majority (41% of respondents) were using EPrints to run their institutional repositories. This finding is confirmed by the OpenDOAR directory of repositories, which shows EPrints in use by 45% of the 193 repositories it lists for the country.

OpenDOAR repository software analysis

Incorporating Names into EPrints could be useful, therefore, for a large number of repositories in the UK. Our initial plans include developing the following features:

  • Adapting the existing auto-completion field within EPrints to make a call to the Names API to bring back potential matches from the Names data (and distinguishing them from internal matches in some way)
  • Associating the Names identifier with creator metadata within EPrints
  • Allowing the update of existing materials within the repository to associate creator names with their Names identifier and to allow for searching by that identifier, so that all records for an individual can be retrieved, regardless of the form of the name
  • Modifying output records from EPrints to include the Name identifier
  • Packaging the resulting plug-in so that it can be made available through the EPrints Bazaar.

Any comments, suggestions, pitfalls you can foresee with this approach?

*Report on the survey [PDF]


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