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Names UK Tour

Posted in conferences, Discussions, meetings by Amanda Hill on 4 October, 2010

Dawn over Aberdeen

The Names Project ran a survey of UK institutional repository managers in July, asking about their experiences of name-related issues in relation to repositories. We had a good response, with 65 people completing the questionnaire (we’ll be sharing the overall findings soon). The last question in the survey was ‘Would you be willing to discuss your answers further or to be a case study for the Names project?’. Over half of the respondents said ‘yes’ to this, so we’re now following up on that promise. I’m spending the next two weeks trying to visit as many of those people as possible.

It’s a great opportunity to see how people are dealing with name-related issues at first hand and to explain in more detail what we’re trying to achieve with the Names project. The tour starts today in Aberdeen and I’ll be visiting ten repositories in eight cities over the next two weeks (a test of the UK rail network, if nothing else). I will also be talking about Names at the Internet Librarian International conference in London on Friday 15th October, so if I haven’t managed to visit your repository, perhaps there will be a chance to catch up then. I am also attending JISC’s The Future of Research? event on 19th October in London and will be demonstrating the Names pilot system at the Mimas stand there.


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