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OCLC’s Networking Names report

Posted in reports by Amanda Hill on 1 May, 2009
Networking Names report

Networking Names report

The report from OCLC’s Networking Names Advisory Group which we blogged about last year is now available. The aim of this publication (taken from the introduction) is to:

[articulate] the problem space that the research community needs to address and identify components of a “Cooperative Identities Hub” that would have the most impact across different target audiences. The group developed use case scenarios that provide the context in which different communities would benefit from aggregating information about persons and organizations, corporate and government bodies, and families, and making it available on a network level. This report summarizes the group’s recommendations on the functions and attributes needed to support the use case scenarios.

And if you haven’t got time to read the report, you can always take a look at the Wordle word-cloud that has been generated from it:
Wordle: Networking Names


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