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Posted in conferences by Amanda Hill on 25 March, 2009

Edinburgh Castle at dusk

Edinburgh Castle at dusk

The JISC conference was held in Edinburgh this year and has been widely held to be a great success. The parallel sessions included a fairly interactive one on identities, called ‘As You Like Identity’, which has been fairly comprehensively blogged about by Rach Colling and also by James Farnhill. (And yes, I am the Amanda mentioned in Rach’s post.) Conclusions from this group included the need to help people to be aware of the significance of their online presence (for example in relation to potential employers checking people out) and the difficulties of correcting false or presented-out-of-context information.

In the afternoon I attended the session on e-theses, which was chaired by Owen Stephens and also thoroughly blogged by him (which is quite an impressive feat). Author identities were only touched upon in passing here, but the Entry to EThOS (E2E) project at King’s College is using student record systems to populate name (and other) metadata associated with electronic theses, which sounded interesting. The overlap between the people involved in the creation of theses and those who are producing research outputs is clearly high, meaning that there will be good reasons in the near future for the Names Project to work together with those involved in managing e-theses and digitising the paper versions.


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