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Identifying Researchers event at the National Library of Australia

Posted in meetings by Amanda Hill on 29 July, 2008

I note from James Farnhill’s blog that the talks and slides from this one-day workshop are available from the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories website. These include an overview by Basil Dewhurst on the People Australia project. Simon Porter talked about the University of Melbourne’s ‘Find an Expert’ service that has created a profile for each researcher in the university, drawn together from a number of different university systems.  This talk was interesting, particularly in the new uses for this data that have been developed since the service was established. The need for feedback from the researchers to improve the data was also mentioned, as errors become more obvious once the information is aggregated. This is something we’re already beginning to find with the Names prototype, just with the data from Zetoc that we’re testing.

Nick Nicholas’s talk on the issues raised by the modelling work undertaken by the PILIN project is very relevant to the Names project, too. I like the idea of pulling researchers out of knapsacks in order to resolve their identifiers. His points about the authority and verifiability of claims are particularly interesting for our context. Thanks to the organisers of this event for putting up audio as well as the slides: it really does make it much easier to understand the context.

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